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PSY 327 Experimental Psychology: Databases

A resource guide for Professor Carpino's Experimental Psychology

Using Databases

Using databases are a great way to gain access to thousands of periodicals. There are several options here at Anna Maria, and below will be links geared toward social sciences. We always encourage our students to begin with Academic OneFile. Here, you will find the greatest range of subject areas. If you find an article title in a database that does not grant immediate access to the full text, use the citation information to request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

When you access these databases, you may be prompted to authenticate with your library barcode number and password (last name in caps).

Database Search Strategy

As with Books, searching for periodicals can also be done by discovering different subject areas. Below is an example using Academic OneFile to search for "Experimental Psychology."

1. Click on the Subject Guide Search box (the gray box you see below).


2. Enter a subject area you would like to discover more information on.

3. Once you find a term that works, you can click on subdivisions to expand the subject even more.


Other Useful Databases

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