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The Mondor-Eagen Library / Information Commons is a two-floor facility located at the center of campus between Cardinal Cushing and the Foundress Halls.  Built in 1982, the library was named in honor of Sister Marie Anne Eva Mondor, the first President of the College, and Sister Marie Rose Isabel Eagen, the first Registrar.

Mondor-Eagen Library / Information Commons is the center of academic life at Anna Maria College.  The library’s holdings include more than 59,000 books on the lower level, and 121,000 ebooks available from wherever you are.  Students have access to more than 31,000 online journals and 100+ journal titles in print.  In addition we have DVDs, CDs and a friendly library staff on both levels to help you with your research needs. The Information Commons is open 24/7, and the lower level of the Library is open and staffed 70+ hours a week.   Come meet us!


The Mondor-Eagen Library at Anna Maria College supports the mission of the college and its obligation for “the provision of education, the preservation of learning, and the sponsorship of research.” Knowledgeable library staff work together to create an environment that is a center for academic pursuits at Anna Maria College. By providing equitable access to information, services, and facilities, we foster intellectual inquisitiveness and facilitate effective teaching, study, reflection, and lifelong learning.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Who is able to check out items from the Mondor-Eagen Library?

  • Current undergraduate & graduate students, faculty and staff members, as well as registered alumni and Paxton residents can check out library items. (We can not mail items to online students at this time, but our Library does have access to over 150,000+ ebooks for your use.)

What do I need for identification to check out items?

  • On the back of your AMC ID is your library card number. This number usually begins with 204640000...... If you do not have an ID, please go to the Student Services office in the Bishop Flanagan Campus Center, or ask/call a librarian to assist you. The best phone number to call is 508-849-3405.

How do I access the Library's online resources?

  • Again, your AMC ID library card number will gain you access to all of our resources. The card number is your user name and your last name in all CAPS is your password, unless you change it to another password.

How long can I keep a print book?

  • Students can keep books for 4 weeks and can renew books for an additional two weeks. Faculty and staff can borrow for an extended period and check out more items. Please check with the Circulation Desk for those privileges.

How many print books can I check out?

  • Students can have five books out at any one time. Faculty are allowed ten books and staff three books.

How can I find out what books I have checked out?

How can I renew my books?

  • You can renew your books online via your library account, or you can bring the book(s) to the Library for renewal.

Can I check out a magazine?

  • No, magazines and periodicals do not circulate.  You may use one of the photocopiers to make a copy of the article(s) you need.

If I lose a book, how much will I be charged?

  • $40 or the actual cost of the book, whichever is greater.

If I have overdue or lost books at the end of a semester, will I be penalized somehow?

  • Yes.  Your grades and your transcript will both be withheld until your library obligation is met.  Your college account must be cleared before you register for future courses.

Does the library have WiFi?

  • Yes. You must be registered with the IT department..

Do you accept book donations?

  • We accept gifts of books or other materials with the stipulation that the Library Director or a person appointed by the Director is free to dispose of the materials, if they are unsuitable for the Library's collection. We do our best to responsibly dispose of items by donating them to a service that will try and sell them first and, as a last resort, recycle them. We also have a carousel located on the Library's lower level where the AMC community can take books for free.
Mondor-Eagen Library | Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Lane, Paxton, Massachusetts 01612