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Education: Finding Articles

Logging into Library Resources

To access our catalog and databases remotely, you'll need to log in with your library credentials. Enter your library account number, which should be on the back of your student ID, if you were issued one (look for a barcode labeled Mondor-Eagen Library and a 14-digit number beginning with "204640..."). Your library number may also be in your WebAMC account. 

Your password will likely be your last name in all capital letters. If your last name is fewer than four letters, add letters from your first name.

For example:
                      Taylor Smith = SMITH
                      Justin Ore = JORE
                      Sarah Ng = SANG

If you have a hyphenated name, or have multiple names, use whichever comes last. 

For example:

                      Colin Harris-Murray = MURRAY

                      Caroline Rivera Gomez = GOMEZ

If you have any difficulty logging in or using our online resources, email

Databases for Education

Searching in Google Scholar

Creating Keywords

When searching in the library databases, you should come up with keywords for your research question. Keywords are made up of the most important concepts in your research question.

For example, if my research question is "How does technology affect children?" I can use "technology" "children" and "affect" as my keywords. 


  • Start with a broad search, then narrow your focus based on what is interesting and available.
  • Try searching for similar words or concepts. For example, if you're looking for information on young adults, you can also try searching for adolescents, teenagers, preteens, or high school students.
  • Do several different searches with different combinations of keywords. There is no magic search that will have all the sources you need, so try several to find the results that work best for your research project.
  • If the database you're searching has multiple boxes for you to enter search terms, enter one term per box. This makes it easy to switch your search terms around. If the database only has one search box, put the word AND between your search terms. For example, "technology AND children."
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