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Fire Science Resources: Find Books

A starting point for research in the field of fire science.

Anna Maria College Library Catalog

To find a specific book or to find a book on a specific topic, your best bet is to start first with our library resources.  Then work your way out, electronically and geographically.  Here are the steps and links to follow.  At each level, you can log in with your library card and make an electronic request.


  1. Search the Mondor-Eagen Library catalog.
  2. If we don't have what you need, expand your search to include all of the C/W MARS libraries in Central Massachusetts.

If you still cannot find the material, try searching for it on WorldCat Discovery OR submit an interlibrary loan request to us.  

Search WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery search box example

Use WorldCat Discovery to find books and other items in libraries near you and around the world.

Finding Fire Science Books in a Academic Library

Most academic libraries use the Library of Congress classification system to organizing books.

Books that specialize in the field of Fire Science have call numbers that begin with the letters TH

Here is a breakdown of the Fire Science portion of the TH schedule:

TH9111-TH9747 Fire Prevention & Extinction
  TH9118 Biographies of fire fighters
  TH9120 Fire Science theses by AMC students
  TH9128 Physical training for fire fighters
  TH9145 Research on fire fighting
  TH9151 Firemen's manuals
  TH9157 Firefighting exam preparation
  TH9158 Fire department management
  TH9130.5 Fire extinction theory
  TH9445 Fire prevention & extinction
  TH9505 Fire protection in specific cities









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