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Faculty Resources: Library Instruction

What is an Instruction Session?

Instructors can schedule a librarian to visit a class (in-person or virtually) to facilitate a curated information session to explore library basics, online databases, on- and off-campus resources, research strategies, and the logistics of library research - whatever students are needing the most. Sessions can be chosen from a list of curated offerings or a DIY/custom session can be created.


What can I request instruction for?

The librarian can assist with teaching your students about various topics, such as:

  • Introduction to library resources
  • How to find resources for a specific project
  • Researching in-depth projects (capstone, thesis, etc)
  • Evaluating sources, such as websites
  • Research tools like Zotero and CRAAP Test
  • Identifying different source types

Choosing Instruction Sessions (NEW!)

Instruction Policies

When scheduling an instruction session, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Sessions must be booked at least a week (preferably further) in advance.
  • Faculty must book a session via the Instruction Request form.
  • No more than 2 class sessions per instructor per day.
  • If students are working on a particular assignment, the assignment must be sent to the librarian before the session.

Scheduling an Instruction Session

To schedule an instruction session, fill out the Instruction Request form. Once this form has been submitted, the Research & Instruction Librarian will get in touch with you to schedule a session for your class(es).

When scheduling, please keep in mind that instruction sessions are most effective when paired with a required assignment or activity. Sessions can be scheduled any point in the research timeline, but are best incorporated when students have chosen a topic and are ready to begin research.

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