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Faculty Resources: Kanopy

What is Kanopy?

Kanopy is a streaming film database that the library provides access to, but it does not work like other databases in that we don't pay up front for content, we pay as content is viewed on their site. Film licenses are automatically purchased when content has been viewed three times (a view = watching 30 seconds or more of content), which can add up quickly if you're browsing.

Because it works so differently from our other databases, here are a few things to know about using Kanopy:

  • We get two free views (30 seconds or more) of these films, but upon the third watch, a bill is automatically generated and sent to the library. 
  • Kanopy will not tell you how many watches a film currently has unless you're logged in to an admin account.
  • Each license costs about $150 for one-year of access to the film. This cost is the same whether it gets 3 or 300 views.
  • Kanopy does not tell you which films are currently available under license, or if your view has triggered a purchase. If you would like to know what film licenses are currently active or when they expire, check the list in the right-hand column!

If you want to show a film in class, you can contact the librarians to explore other options, such as purchasing a DVD copy of the film or requesting a copy from another library, as these costs will often be significantly lower than using Kanopy.

If you have any questions about what would work best for your class, please email 

Current licenses

Here's a list of the films we currently have licenses for - feel free to watch these films as often as you'd like without it leading to any additional fees!

Mondor-Eagen Library | Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Lane, Paxton, Massachusetts 01612