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Business: Find Articles

Research guide for Business program at Anna Maria College.

Business Databases

Below is a list of business related databases available through the Mondor-Eagen Library. Databases are starred due to quality/quantity of content, ease of use, or overall popularity. Read descriptions of databases before using to make sure they fit your research needs.

Research Tips

All databases will have different interfaces and search parameters. The simplest way of searching is by using keywords from your research question and search parameters required by your professor. Keywords are made up of the most important concepts in your research question.

For example, if the research topic is "How does climate change impact the tourism industry in Hawaii", I can pull out the phrase "climate change", and the words "impact", tourism", "industry" and "Hawaii".


  • Start with a broad search (fewest keywords), then narrow your focus based on what is interesting and available. If your search nets too many results, try adding more keywords or search parameters like publication date, content type, or preferred format.
  • Try searching for similar words or concepts. For example, if you're looking for information on climate change, you can also try searching for the phrases "global warming", or "global climate change".
  • Do several different searches with different combinations of keywords. There is no magic search that will have all the sources you need, so try several to find the results that work best for your research project.
  • If the database you're searching has multiple boxes for you to enter search terms, enter one term per box. This makes it easy to switch your search terms around. If the database only has one search box, put the word AND between your search terms. For example, "tourism AND Hawaii".

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