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Business: Find Books

Research guide for Business program at Anna Maria College.

Anna Maria College Library Catalog

To find a specific book or to find a book on a specific topic, your best bet is to start first with our library resources.  Then work your way out, electronically and geographically.  Here are the steps and links to follow.  At each level, you can log in with your library card and make an electronic request.

  1. Search the Mondor-Eagen Library catalog.
  2. If we don't have what you need, expand your search to include all of the C/W MARS libraries in Central Massachusetts.

If you still cannot find the material, try searching for it on WorldCat Discovery OR submit an interlibrary loan request to us.  

New Business Books

Make sure to check out the New Books section (located to the right of the printer) for books recently purchased by the library. 

Search WorldCat Discovery



Use WorldCat Discovery to find books and other items in libraries near you and around the world.


Other library services

Finding Business books in the library

Browsing the library stacks for resources is helpful for doing research as it provides exposure to a wide perspective on any given subject. Additionally it incorporates an element of serendipity, finding things you wouldn't have otherwise, that can progress research organically, making your projects more meaningful.

The AMC library uses the Library of Congress classification system of organizing books. Most books related to business topics will be within the range HB-HJ

Here are some examples of common LOC call numbers related to Business:

HB75-130 History of economics

HB135-147 Quantitative methods

HB501 Capitalism 

HB615-715 Entrepreneurship

HB3711-3840 Business cycles/Economic fluctuations

HC10-1085 Economic history and conditions 

HD60-60.5 Social responsibility of business

HD5306-5474 Labor disputes/Strikes and lockouts

HF5381-5386 Vocational guidance/Career development

HF5387-5387.5 Business ethics

HG1501-3550 Banking

HJ9-9940 Public finance

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