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About the Library: Academic Research Collaborative (ARC)

What is ARC?

"ARC, the Academic and Research Collaborative, is a coalition of academic, public, and special research libraries working together to facilitate the sharing of resources and services for the benefit of their collective users."

ARC is a group of libraries in the Worcester area that you can visit as an Anna Maria student or faculty member once you have an ARC card. Some libraries allow you to check out materials, while others only allow you to use them in the library, so check the policies of the library you're visiting ahead of time.

To request an ARC card, you can email or stop by the library during staffed hours.

Visiting other libraries

When visiting other libraries, make sure you confirm these details ahead of time:

  • Get an ARC card set up with the AMC Mondor-Eagen Library before you visit other libraries (and pick up the physical card). 
  • Bring your Anna Maria College ID card with you when you visit
  • Check the library's website ahead of time to ensure that campus is accepting visitors
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