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About the Library: Library of Things

What is Library of Things?

The Mondor-Eagen Library lends more than books! The Library of Things collection includes electronic equipment and office supplies available for checkout. Library of Things materials are not available to be put on hold and must be checked out/picked up at the library during open hours. For up-to-date availability, contact library staff or visit the library. 



Type Quantity Includes:

Loan period

Phone Charger (iPhone/Lightning port) 1 Charging cable and base 24-hrs (no renewals)
Phone Charger (USB-C) 2 Charging cable and base 24-hours (no renewals)
Laptop 3 Laptop computer, charger, and carrying case 7-days (1-renewal)
USB Disc Drive 1 Disc drive, drive cable 24-hours (no renewals)
Portable DVD player 1 DVD player, charging cable, carrying case 24-hours (no renewals)



The Mondor-Eagen Library requires a completed Computer Loan Agreement (see below) prior to checking out a library laptop. Library staff will have you fill out the form at the library at checkout. 

Office Supplies


Type Quantity Loan period
Glue Stick 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Highlighter 3 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Colored Pencils 2 (box of 12) 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Scissors 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Tape 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)


Mondor-Eagen Library | Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Lane, Paxton, Massachusetts 01612