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About the Library: Library of Things

What is Library of Things?

The Mondor-Eagen Library lends more than books! The Library of Things collection contains non-book items for checkout, like electronic equipment and office supplies. Library of Things materials are not available to be put on hold and must be checked out/picked up at the library during open hours. For up-to-date availability, contact library staff or visit the library. 



Type Quantity Includes:

Loan period

Phone Charger (iPhone/Lightning port) 1 Charging cable and base 24-hrs (no renewals)
Phone Charger (USB-C) 2 Charging cable and base 24-hours (no renewals)
Laptop 3 Laptop computer, charger, and carrying case 7-days (1-renewal)
USB Disc Drive 1 Disc drive, drive cable 24-hours (no renewals)

Portable DVD player

1 DVD player, charging cable, carrying case 24-hours (no renewals)
USB Mouse 1 USB Mouse 7-days (1-renewal)



The Mondor-Eagen Library requires a completed Computer Loan Agreement (see below) prior to checking out a library laptop. Library staff will have you fill out the form at the library at checkout. 

Office Supplies


Type Quantity Loan period
Whiteboard (comes with two markers and eraser) 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Glue Stick 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Highlighter 3 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Colored Pencils 2 (box of 12) 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Scissors 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)
Tape 1 3-hrs (library use only, no renewals)


Mondor-Eagen Library | Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Lane, Paxton, Massachusetts 01612